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Greater New England MBEIC Update 

For publication on June 18, 2014


As the NMSDC implements a new national strategy, we’ll keep you posted on their progress.  Here’s a few of the latest changes we think you should know:


Several Local Councils Merged.  All Renamed.

As a move to strengthen management and broaden the services available to MBEs, several local councils have been merged.  In line with this merger, all councils will be referred to as “Affiliate Regional Councils”.  There are now 24 NMSDC Affiliate Regional Councils supporting MBEs across the country.


A New Look for NMSDC

Check out the new NMSDC brand  .  .  .  Cool!


Changes Impacting MBEs

We’re All Certified via the NMSDC

In the past, some MBEs certifications were linked to their local/regional councils while others were linked to the NMSDC.  Here’s a clarification:  all MBEs certifications are through the NMSDC, but the process is and will continue being managed through our regional affiliate council, the GNEMSDC.  (You may reference either in your marketing efforts.)


Reciprocal MBE Certifications - a Thing of the Past

Certified MBEs no longer need apply for reciprocal certifications, to engage with other NMSDC Affiliates, MBEs, or activities, for which fees may apply.  So go ahead, start leveraging those networking and business opportunities through other NMSDC Affiliates and MBEs.


Access to Subscription Services Now Available Across All Affiliates

A variety of subscription services is available to all MBEs through NMSDC Affiliates.  Some Affiliates offer subscriptions to events, industry groups, and educational programs.  To learn more and/or to subscribe, go to the links to other Affiliate websites on the NMDC website at


Introducing Online Access to Fellow MBEs:  PRISM

NMSDC has developed PRISM, an online database that will give MBEs online access to find other certified MBEs by industry and/or location.  Look out for emails about system availability and training from the NMSDC.


Greater New England Minority Business Enterprise Input Committee